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  • Not all midwives are lovely and supportive.  One Born Every Minute and other such documentaries are LYING to us.  Some midwives are bossy, cold and downright nasty and you will be left in the ‘capable’ hands of these people during possibly the most terrifying experience of your life.
  • You may have to stay in hospital for a few days with your baby.  Pack a LOT of big, black knickers.
  • Childbirth isn’t the end of your pain.  You may bleed for weeks and weeks afterwards.  And weeks.
  • It also may hurt to sit down.  And stand up.  And cough.  And sneeze.
  • You might pee yourself.  A lot.
  • You and your partner will argue more than you’ve ever argued in your whole relationship.  Hopefully, though, you will do it quietly.  There’s a sleeping baby next to you, don’t you know.

Things That Make Life Easier

  • If breastfeeding, a nursing cushion and a breast pump are a must have.  The nursing cushion will make the feed so much comfier for you and your baby.  The breast pump will allow you to express some milk so your partner can do the odd feed, not just to give you a break but also to bond with baby.
  • A wrap sling for carrying your baby close to you.  Life (and back) saver.  Baby loves it too.
  • Olive Oil and cotton wool – all you need to clean a newborn bum and prevent soreness – baby wipes are too harsh on brand new skin.
  • Muslin squares – they are not, as I thought pre-child, just glorified tea towels.  You will probably use 3-4 a day, every day.  Buy a lot.
  • Thermos mug (with a lid).  Safely drink a hot cup of tea during those many feeding sessions.  You will thank me for that one.
  • Sleepsuits with built in scratch mitts.  Separate scratch mitts are absolutely mahoosive on a new born’s tiny hands.  They look like boxing gloves and they will NOT stay on.

A few more things:

  • When photographing your babba, place an item of reference next to them, i.e. a teddy bear.  Photograph them with the item at least once a week so you can see how much they’ve grown.  You could carry this on for years.  Every birthday, their first day at school….their wedding.  We didn’t start doing this until Bloss was about 8 weeks.  I wish I’d thought of it sooner.  We’re using a cuddly green broccoli and a rag doll.
  • Cuddle and hold your baby as much as you want.  Don’t let people tell you that you’re spoiling them.  You cannot spoil a child with love. #attachment parenting
  • Listen to everyone’s advice which is being given to you from all directions, and then work out your own way.
  • Enjoy every second of your child.  They are the most amazing gift you will ever have.